Atrium (The Organisation) realises the importance of maintaining operations to ensure the Safety of the Environment. The Company recognises that effective management of our activities makes good business sense and will be fundamental to and is a part of our business strategy that shall be communicated to all personnel working for or on behalf of the Organisation.

To ensure we achieve these standards, procedures will be implemented to include the following:

  • Being aware of how our activities impact the environment, to seek and minimise adverse effects by means of the best practices and available techniques, not entailing excessive cost, through a Policy of Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental improvement in the workplace, control of pollution and care for the local Environment
  • To comply with our legal responsibilities and play a part in future legislation.
  • Conserve the use of resources, particularly those that are scarce or non-renewable.
  • To avoid waste and encourage conservation, re-use and recycling. e.g., Conservation and Waste Disposal Management to preserve, restore and enhance the built and natural heritage.
  • To encourage the sustainable use of land-based resources and certified timber and wood products.
  • To reduce air, land and water pollution e.g. toxic chemical sprays, motor exhaust
  • Being sensitive to the Environmental concerns of our Clients and Community through which we operate and responding to them.
  • Adopting Environmental objectives to continually improve our Environmental performance and monitor the progress of achievement.
  • Using Supplies and Practices and a proper regard for the way we operate by disposing of waste materials as required by current legislation and to communicate this policy to all our Staff.

To meet this commitment, the Organisation will operate under the control of an Environmental System laid down in the ISO 14001:2015 series of standards. It is the Company’s objective to seek to operate this Environmental Policy continuously and to implement and operate fully the ISO 14001:2015 Standard through registration and annual review.